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UB40 lyrics : "Don't Do The Crime"

Don't do the crime,
If you can`t do the time
It's said that it just don't pay.

But what good's working hard
When all they give you is your cards
And you know there's not much you can say.

So you take what they give
You've no money to live

And your family don't understand.
After all these years
They will end up in tears

With a mountain of bills in their hands.

Now your lesson is learned

There's nowhere to turn
And it's no use pleading for help.
When you're left on the heap

There is nothing to keep you
From going and helping yourself

The dilemma you've found
Is you`re morally bound
Now your moral code needs a review

So what do you care
You know life isn't fair
And for years they've been stealing from you.

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