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U2 lyrics : "Here Comes The Sunset/Chances Away"

Bono: "Turn up the voice. Yeah, nice. A little reverb in there."

Bono: "Adam, just change back. Back to where you were."

It works searching
Those aim

It comes on when you feel it again
I'm lost and I'm wasting for your time

It comes changes
Come around real soon

Why the man
That we coming through
Where the stars

Lie in coals in the room, day

Bono: "Can you do voice, yeah?"

Bono: "Turn the voice up."

It come higher
Ride like the sun
She's like the colors

Of everyone

He went my way
I come once
Right in the colors

All in the sun

Our love is imaginary rain
Our love across the heaven, day

It comes in color
Outside the day

Right up here and all the chain
One morning's raising to her stain

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