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U2 lyrics : "Get Your Boots On"

the future needs a big kiss
winds blow with a twist
never seen a moon like this

can you see it to?

night is falling everywhere

rockets hit the fun fair
satan loves the bombscare but he won't scare you

sexy boots
get on your boots yeah

free me from a dark dream
candy first then ice cream(?)
all the kids are screaming but the ghosts aren't real

here's where you gotta be
love and community
laughter is eternity if joy is real

you don't know how beautiful

someones left to blow it up
the wear weeds are growing up
women are the future whole of big revelations

i've gotta a submarine you've got gasoline
i don't wanna talk about war between nations

sexy boots
get on your boots etc.


i don't wanna talk about the wars between nations

let me in the song/sound/bonham lives
let me in the song/song/going down I don't wanna drown meet me in the sound

let me in the song/song/song/song

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