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U.S.D.A. lyrics : "Off safety"

I am so fast these !@^%s can't take me

I'm out of cast so these !@$@s wanna hate me
I met a man cause these !@$@s didn't make me
Get these mother f**ker... off safety

We are all safety

Luis all over !@$@s hate the way I am staling

Chain call twice... bull%#@!
Up in this mother f**ker...
No safety cut one in a...

My !@$@s in the... train ready to go
Bandon abandon money I demand it
My (*##$es been the baddest haters can't stand it

My name is... believe it !@^%
And I am about to go bigger on these !@$@s believe me
... on that... leather why are you calling Miss Snow watching the weather

Now I act a fool I'm loaded I'm getting better... I swear...
I try to stay away of these rats I'm getting cheese


I am black... no hammer

Got a mean kick back...
Everything getting killed in the aqua blue...
Every day I'm going in loaded to the max

... mother f**kers can't stop this...
About my mother f**ker cheese...
It's so emotional so sensitive

Hold !@$@ f**k !@$@... go nuts... make these #~!!@ disappear


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