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U.S.D.A. lyrics : "Go Getta (remix)"

Young Jeezyyy
Yeah, I can believe dat... (CTE...) Who else ^!$$%?

And ya boy, K.
Okayye! (Yuh!) 87-32, wha it do?
Dat's right, keep clappin' ya'll

Kinky, I gotchu hommie!
Oooh, Oooh, Oooh...
Let's get it!

You know we trap all day (Oowhh!) play all night (Oowhh!)

This is the life of a, the life of a (Aye!)
Go getta (Aye!), go getta (Aye!), go getta (Yeeeeeeaah)
And in the club you see a bad (*##$, point her out (Let's go!)

Yeah, you damn right I'm a (Aye), you damn right I'm a (Yuh!)
Go getta (Yuh!), go getta (Aye!), go getta (Yeeeeeeaah)
(Let's go ^!$$%, lemme talk to 'em!)

First I bust-a-right, then I bust-a-left (G'yeah!)

Music so loud I almost went deaf (Talk to em, hommie... Deammn!)
Hit the sweet once and then I hold my breath
Smoke every cigarello 'till it ain't none left

Got 50 in the clip, 20 grand in my pocket (Yuh!)
Money so big, I don't even need a wallet (Ha-ha!)
72' impala same color as the pills (Woo!)

Red, white and blue - the same color as the bills (Let's go!)
Here we go again, it's the motha $#&@in' remix
Whole car smoked up, now I can't see %#@! (Nahh!)

Heater on my waste, got the sac in the back
Got the whole Escalade smellin' like the pack (Yuh!)

GO GETT'EM !#$*!

I'm in the triple black convertable GT Bentley

Trill Under Ground King, got the Queen right with me (Yup!)
And things right with me, and dat thang right on me
I'm a one-stop-shop and a one man army, with the F3000 and the F350

Seven send you to heaver fo' bein' so shifty
We work up on the triple beam and wait on the 4 way
I hit the highway, ya way pimpin' with my yay - there's no way

Dat anybody the scope you and to holla at the effey
The streets have mi corazon simeion ese.
My seven jesse james and Pimp C is my friend, so

You can take dat to the grave or the bank

Unhh!... Unhh!... Yo!

^!$$%s is too frail, you either a snake or a new snail
My heart as cold as the new jail
Everywhere I go they beggin' me

But 1 wrong decision can destroy ya legacy (Unh!)
Lemme see I can break 'em down and take longer to slow sail (Uh huh!)
I'm a chill fo' a minute - sit on 'em and hoe sail 'em

Buisness is just fine, none of ya folks tellin' (Unh!)
Shouldn't have it any other way when you !@%!e sellin'
I don't know what it is, I guess we was raised different (Yeah!)

Blowin' haze standin' on the couch Roseye drippin' (Haha)
Air forces, hard denim, my lofe sweater
D-Block, ya boy 'Kiss is a go getta

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