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U.S.D.A. lyrics : "Focus"

You can call me young yea the boy stay focused last year alone a quarter mil off in strokers frsh back in town lookin like a star told clem bring my gt and my ar a strap in my car a chop in my bent g behind the wheel you can't see behind the tint squad came crazy withthat weight since the 80's fighting all the time with my crazy uncle grady a million dollar man but I'm still? baby plus I promised kb I wouldn't let a ^!$$% play me first I copped the cedez then I copped the shoes rap ^!$$%z talkin weight that was back in 98 I'm straight

Don't nothing hate but a mother$#&@ing hater don't nothing spend but this mother$#&@ing paper don't ask me what we lookin at homie you know we got our eyes on that money! (Focus)

Bobby drake I stay with a stallion the voice box I speak for the slick jeezy raw 3 the hard way give the game straight to ya ^!$$% no foulplay came up from nothing from the block we rose got my cleats tied up with my uniform on money in the matress I sleep on dough you can shut the booth down watch sp flow fetti on my mind with thoughts of more like bruce leroy I got the glow lame ^!$$%s quick to call with they stash and hos we the ^!$$%s in the trenches holdin it down fa sho

They the streets is talkin but the boy on the grind $#&@ what they say I got money on my mind the real ^!$$%s love me them ho ^!$$%s fear me fore I let em stop my shine a ^!$$% have to kill me so many haters the boy ain't studying em middle finger out the chevy I don't see them mother$#&@ers don't nothing hate but a mother$#&@ing hater can't worry bout raw better try and get some paper speak the truth I'm a give a ^!$$% game either do anything I mean what I said usda still hungry ^!$$% we gon eat survive anywhere cause we came from the streets

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