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U.D.O. lyrics : "I Give As Good As I Get"

Don't Wanna Read Between The Lines
I Know What's Good, I Know What's Fine

I Know What Makes Me Feel Just Right
Don't Wanna Have An Endless Fight
And I Know â?? What's Right

I Know What's Right
And I Know â?? What's Wrong
I Know What's Wrong

I Give As Good As I Get
I Give As Good As I Get
I Know What Time To Lay My Head

I Know The Answers Best Unsaid
And No Decree Can Make Me See

Another Way Of Being Me
I Know The Way To Cross A Street
I Even Know To Trick Or Treat

I Know What's Right â?? I Know What's Wrong
You Better Listen Or You're Done
I Know There's No One Same As Me

I Am Unique â?? I've Got To Be
This Is The Way â?? I Am For Real
The Only Way For Me To Feel

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