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U-GOD : You Don't Want To Dance lyrics

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U-GOD lyrics : "You Don't Want To Dance"

[Intro: U-God]
Mother$#&@er, you don't know me, mother$#&@er
I be gettin' down for a long time, (*##$

I be gettin' money since '88
My gun been going off, I been doing mad %#@! in the streets
My history is swell, mother$#&@er

That's why I can talk this %#@!, for real
This is real ^!$$% %#@!, and mother$#&@ers know
My name ring bells in jail, (*##$, what?

[Chorus: U-God]
You don't have a chance, you don't want to dance

My gun goes blam, you don't want to dance with a gangsta
You don't understand, ^!$$%z ain't playin'
First time around, I come back swinging

You and your mans, you better just scram
My gun goes blam, you don't want to dance with a gangsta
You don't understand, ^!$$%z ain't playin'

$#&@ around now, I come back sprayin'


Your gun cry tears of lead, one in the head
High grain, rhino shell, dum-dums, tear you to shreds
The armor piercin' slug %#@!, scare off the feds

Kid, I'm that fearsome, my hammer's a sled
Pledge allegience to my conquest, prepare for the bomb fest
Right and left connect like twin jumbo jets

I can feel the blood bubblin', under your flesh
I'm coming down here rollin' in my snowball effect
Put sugar in your ears and sweet talk you to death

My voice alone, don't have to force you for sex
Pop an ecst', get jumped off, the madness all in me
Flushed out my kidney's, with a half pint of Remy

Dust off the semi', with the speed of the centipede
Move on my enemy, and clear the vicinity
Feel my energy inside tearin' out

Clear it out, flame thrower's airin' out, baby


Come get a glimpse, the magnificent pimp

Leave your face prints stiff, and graved in cement
Invent the daily m [email protected]#*cript, return of the dragon fist
You pissed? Then seek anger management

Cuz my cannon kick back, with a gangsta metal
Went right through your rib rack, and kissed the devil
From the slang, now your brain is a twisted pretzel

In the empty hallway, you can hear the echo
Don't get petro', U-Godzilla stomped in the metro
Get wild like techno, collect the dough

For wreck, the side ball and better check your hoe
Don't get mad, cowboy, just respect my glow
Just another episode, powerful breath control

Explodes in your ear, you can't hear me in death mode
In retrospect, you best Protect Ya Neck
Or get slapped the $#&@ up, by my next cassette, hear me?


This - is - the - warrior's anthem
Pose, in the pictures with the golden guns, handsome

Phantom of the opera, frantic in the mansion
The head banger boogie got 'em dancin' in the Hamptons
You panickin', one strike, get murdered up quick

And the mic's my life, and I'm surgical with this
Swift and wreckless, smoke blunts for breakfast
Master the game, this is chess, not checkers

Feel me? Bone collector, just, vision my art
In the darkness, vulture's come and, pick you apart
One rusty steel spike pierce, straight through the heart

I bleed for my Clan, don't let 'em, break us apart
Strong as Noah's Ark, in the Biblical age
Still, holdin' the Clan, in it's critical stage

Engage in combat, beyond shadows of doubt
Wu-Tang claim supremacy, son, I'm airin' out


[Outro: U-God]
Yo, man, if you was real, ^!$$%
You would say ^!$$%z names, man
You ain't real dude, man, stop playing, man
You scared of ^!$$%z, ^!$$%z is runnin' with yo $#&@in' name

You ain't doing %#@!, (*##$, worry about your own %#@!
Talkin' about ^!$$%z can't talk this %#@!
$#&@, I've been doing this, ^!$$%
I don't know what the $#&@ you talking about
Take over projects, and set up shop, quick fast

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