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U-GOD : Wu-tang lyrics

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U-GOD lyrics : "Wu-tang"

[Chorus: U-God]
You ain't heard us in a minute, you heard us in a minute, man

(Wu-Tang! )
I keep banging on you ^!$$%s, finger on my trigger, man
(Wu-Tang! )

I love bankrolls, stank hoes, camera shots, Kangols, bangles
Pink records, check it, yeah, I make those

More paper than Kinko's, check my lingo, bingo
On my face, honey, not a wrinkle, trinkle
My twinkle twinkle, make your toenails crinkle

Twist up a @#$%le, and honey, let's mingle, jingle
When the nightfall, I'm tight with my white walls
The greedy pain, draining on my life force

Behold the pale white horse, the hype loss with tight jaws
Fight law off, cause I don't like ya'll
Huh, I'm from the tar pits, the hard target to squash the market

You're brain washed, watch the starships
I make cars flip, Deck bomb atomic, Islamic arms
Kiss the comet, this time, he's gone

I grip the don, rip arms out the socket, @@#! it
Fly logic, now watch me sky rocket, watch it
Hot as the tropic get, bulletproof asaphogus

Steel cage confidence, burn it on a floppy disc
Swerve the metropolis, my whole team in back of me
You just a half of ki, I'm a [email protected]%!e factory

[Chorus x2]

[Method Man:]
Yo, thank god it's Friday, like it's just me and my chick
Cruising the highway, she twisting my piff

You see I'm living proof that crime pay, the type that go at a (*##$
The type to shoot the gift, and blow every clip
I know this money like the back of my hand, you get the back of my hand

Just like a fiend who took a package and ran
Po-po be hopping out of passenger vans, harrassing ^!$$%s in Park Hill
For marked bills, ratchets and grams

So I move like I'm ducking a charge, I'm trying to set up shop
Get this gwop, get the $#&@ out of dodge
Most my ^!$$%s like to puff in the car, most these hoes emotionally scared

And keep the works stuffed in they bras
This is ghetto rap, where the pot be calling the kettle black
My bullets trynna see where they head is at, I'm heading back

To the slums, back to the block, I got the Clan on my back
And you know we heading back to the top, ^!$$%

[Chorus x2]

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