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U-GOD : Tell Me lyrics

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U-GOD lyrics : "Tell Me"

(feat. Desert Eagle, INF-Black, Letha Face)

[Intro: Desert Eagle]

(Tell me... tell me...)
What would you do? Hillside Scramblers
Loose links, what would you?

Uh, check it, yo, yo, yo

[Desert Eagle]

I'm down for the get down, down wanna spit rounds
He started the beef, now, wanna split town
With the mark of the beast, thinkin' you the %#@! now

Four pound whippin' the flesh, better sit it down
Get it clown? You done started something
I put it down, and you just started hustlin'

Gettin' thirty off of a bundle, you project nothing
You'll get linked in a rumble, you project frontin'
Catch beef in the J's, it's project dumping

Test your heat when it blaze, better target something
Even my dick iced out, I be hard at $#&@ing
^!$$%z need to stop biting and try to market something

^!$$%z need to start writing, your bark ain't nothing
Your tracks ain't hot, and your back don't function
Got the rap game locked, the crack game dumping

Got the crime scene hot, the club scene thumping, what?

[Chorus: Letha Face]

Tell me: what would you do?
If you was in my shoes and the ^!$$% had the drop
Would you shoot first? Or get shot?

Or lift the earth from under his feet and make his boots rock
Tell me..

[Letha Face]
I can't stand it, people try to judge me
Especially the ones that said they love me, try to take me for granted

I been stranded with a mental block, sippin' expensive shots is hot
I could kiss the man who invented the glock
The thermometer pops burger, I stay on @@#!

So whenever my dogs call me, I'll be there, the end of story
Surrenders gory, close the book after the final chapter
Gradual bullets that travel faster than yacht masters

Hot ratchets that'll spin you, like a spinning top backwards
Cut your cabbage and turn it into coleslaw
I'm so raw, that my mom should of middle named me Diesel

These lethal bars perfected, can't be injected by needles
Breeding eagles out of Park Hill's hell hole
Where souls get sucked up, and shots turn your bones to Jell-o

Mellow tones with a stealth blow, under the bell's a four-four
The impact will crack an elephant's skull

[Chorus x2]


I'm like the hallways you walk through, smokin' a blunt with a brew
The staircase you piss on, gettin' head on the roof
Ride down my elevator, you get punched in the tooth

My alligators hang loose from the front to the phone booth
I'm the concrete, the gates, the bars, gunnin' my goof
I'm the drugs, the money, the booze, and every rules

$#&@in' Betty who? ^!$$%z is petty, can get it to
Watch your mouth ^!$$%, watch me, watch you
Like a movie, thought it was cool, how you wanted to do me

See me live with the snakes and get rid of them rats
I'm the fire in the lake, I burn faster than a match
But longer in a forest, at the speed of a mach

Spittin' out, bangin' off ground, I'm tearin' it down
There's never no fear in me, and they tellin' what's in me now
I've done tasted the dust, washed my face with the mud

Off with these clowns, my shoes is only made from my blood


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