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U-GOD : Glide lyrics

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U-GOD lyrics : "Glide"

(feat. Lethaface)


Yo, Inspectah Deck track
break your back Yo

A message of a wreckage
50 shell hot track leaking out the Lexus
Eyes hot, Cyclops, cyborg boulders

Call shop of horrors, Lyric just smoking in my holster
Whip and boil, ?lugotan? hurricane the holler
Daily operation, bullet train tingle farther

8 seconds a scar your style wild buccaneer
Round table revolve around ten musketeer
Think you, got all the riches

Think you poli with (*##$es
You could run the $#&@ opponent, gotten with the glitches
The swiftness, hit the spots that are vital

Shake the ground decent, like 3 sticks of dyno


My administration deceive the population
Start the next generation by artificial insemination
Contaminate stations, for music in the making

Concentration camps, $$#assinate for industry domination
Abomination, The Competition and confrontation you mistaken
I'm a nuclear warhead bomb evasion

Extermination of the next man, when the Germans blazing
We burn this for occasions, regardless I see your expiration
Preparation your sweatin,

I cassette deck and eject your selection for air time
Blow a hole through your brain so you can think with a clear mind
A redesign? of hard rhyme, and slang cracking in spare time

Crime Time

We rollin with the undisputed, routin toutin
21 gun solutin, new recruiting
Wu-Tang, slang bang your unit

Put us in your cassette deck, yo, improvement
Smash and blast the %#@!, I'm doper than math
That makes you level through the devil

And never surpass
The stakes is hot, like bullet snatch pots
And hot twats

Fully operational gats mmhmm
The uncanny, vilagialaty panty man
Crock, took by the hook of the candy man

Look, now you caught up in the suction
Rap Tight and my appetite destruction

Today's day, The bomb gets dropped on America
Human civilization in concert treble concentration camps

Replacement amps blown, Speaker abduction
The Mad weed seduction corruption
From The brain cells decreasing

Its sucker duck season. $#&@ treason
Blast as you trespass, bullet enters your mouth and exits your $$#
Impregnate the math, then give birth to a newborn

Figure of speech drew form, with 8 arms
Napalms, collapses stages you perform on dominate
Drama face, abominate, sling crack behind the black high gate

The nine fades the hearts of men
Slip the cartridge in
Off the hook like telemarketing sales condone over the phone

Danger zone

Bozzy Capone alone, in a terradome Stalon
With a great cannon, bones cerebral swollen
Straight both ways scanning

All you roaches lay down I spray the brain damage
Bring the banners, the green gamma ray
Gain up the same data, Scatter

Then a dark part where D and you used to play all day
The ray sound stung you, You kung fu check the cleaner
From fire line I gun you for fun
Dial 9-1-1
Someone tore down the tunnel son

1-2 Check your fronts
Captain Crunch, munch on you for lunch
You punchbag drunk, bald headed monk
Top bunk, chunk your trunk full of junk
Buffer and bump stop humping me

Ruff a scum sucking mutha$#&@as,
Ducking my %#@! just luckily

Other emcees made a big mistake

Fronting on the mic that's truly great
What? how you want it fried or baked
I place in right through the heart of a snake
Sceam at mapps, take what we can take
Til the day we die, meet the pearly gates

Golden Arms going strong, I'm holding weight

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