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U-GOD : Get Down lyrics

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U-GOD lyrics : "Get Down"

(feat. Boo Kapone, Squeak Ru and MC Eiht)

[Hook: U-God (MC Eiht)]

I'm a bonified g, g, g, g, g, g (Chea, chea, chea, chea)
I'm a bonified g, g, g, g, g (Chea, chea, chea, chea, come on)
I'm a bonified g, g, g, g (Where ya at? East coast, west coast)

Vicious, vicious, viciously (come on!)

[Chorus: U-God]

Get down, get down, brah', I'm in your town, brah'
That's how we do it, I'm a stone cold rider
And now, I bust a round off, I'm a survivor

This is how we do it, for you snake $$# conivers around

[Boo Kapone]

For you conivers, bust a round
Look around, lay $$# down with the fo' pound
Shady spots for eighty blocks

I keep a (*##$ eyes closed like Jamie Foxx
Off the chain, ^!$$%z saw I'm off the chain
^!$$%, stay in ya lane, so I'm off your face

It don't stop, I'm on the block
Lickin' shots, with the twelve gauge
Hit a ^!$$% up, have you rapping for the front page


[Squeak Ru]
When them 24's park, them big dogs bark
You don't wanna get down when them big dogs start

Moving through the crowd, making glocks get loud
Lettin' suckers know we'll take yo town
Flip a little $$#, stack a little cash

Quick on the smash, I'm always on the smash
What these ^!$$%z gon' do with the Wu and the Ru
Them Timbs and them chucks, gon' put it on them dudes


I'm down for the get down, earnin' my stripes
Hillside, real guys, burn burners for life

Put slugs through yo vest, or blood on my knife
Yo I'm up in here, where it at? Throw the dice
The chrome device, still layin' on my hip

Lettin' my nuts swing, we bang for the strip
I'm up in this (*##$, I bounce around the west coast
Hollerin' at hoes, lookin' for the best smoke


[MC Eiht]
I'm a gangsta-gangsta brah', straight up menace
And I don't stop shootin' til the clip is finished

Ya'll ain't heard about me, still a boy in the hood
AK in the trunk, brah', it's all good
One time try to gaffle, the work, no hassle

C.P.T., kingpin of the castle
It's Compton, you see the bulge in the waist
T-shirt go up, y'all about face, chea


[Hook w/o MC Eiht]

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