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U-GOD : Dopium lyrics

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U-GOD lyrics : "Dopium"

[Intro: U-God]
By the time I'm finished, you gon' be a fan, mutha$#&@a
Trust me when I tell you

I kick back, retire mics, take rap to higher heights

Big back, fiend rap, blow it up, dynamite
Sniff my China white, touchdown with king cobras
All my life, pay the price, nickname me steamroller

Switch lane, lean over, get brain, green Rover
Mean soldiers run through, kung fu, break shoulders
Rep my W, rumble through, takeover

Heat holder, heavy best, countdown, every breath
Last chance, tapdance, devil cop, every step
Murderous, instinct, champions, never left

Shaolin veteran, thug heads, never learn
Dumb %#@!, every turn, hell, son, let 'em burn
Still here, standing firm, black man in progress

Crack dreams, conquest, burners in my arm rest
Baby boy's a target, heads on my cannonball
You messed up the package, the legacy, you had it all

"Come on"
"Come on"

Sandstorms, kick up, millimeters blow rounds

What happened to the music, Newburgh, Motown
I know the low down, on half of these ^!$$%s
Come out the closet, these Vaseline ^!$$%s

I'm flawless, I'm lawless, all I need is one block
Crazy legs, hat low, check out my up rock
Respect my jumpshot, when I just, hug the rim

Tie up my Jordans, then I jump, out the gym
It's the Brothers Grymm, automatic [email protected]%!e rush
Dice hit the walls, we gambles at the gold dust

Descendants of the Cold Crush, long car garage doors
One finger cake walk, nose is the concord
Hands like windmills, possessed with the I'll skill

Aiming for your soft spots, the scene out of Kill Bill

"Come on"

"Come on"


I got the iron for your mans, one foot in the frying pan
Rock hardhats, fireman, 8 Diagrams
Lion eating out my hands, no it's not in Africa

Soul brother #1, you're just a passenger
Right before the massacre, first comes the lynching
Caught in the mouse trap, bounce back, Redemption

Contact the henchmen, watch how I drenched them
Wetting with waterhose, long nose extention
Ain't no question, you in suspended animation

You $#&@ed up, drop garbage tossed the side of sanitation
Homey, you jumped up, you get lumped up, blamp your face in
Champ in the steel cage match, snatch the foundation back

Step on a forty gallon stage, laced with I'll grace
Took a long time, but I'm glad that you still wait

"Come on"
"Come on"

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