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U-GOD : Bump lyrics

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U-GOD lyrics : "Bump"

[Chorus: U-God]
She get down right crunk, ahh
She love an east coast thug, right

She got a down south bump, ahh
She looking nice iced up, now

All that I know is I rock and roll
Do you tell, I got hellafied breathe control

Let it go, get bowl, strip clothes
Slip slow, down to the poles
Dip low, get dough, let put these dollars between yo legs

Bounce off the walls, careful on my balls, cuz they fragile as eggs
Got rhymes for days, heatwaves, that's what you want
I'm that Kid with the Golden Arms, In the all black Saint Laronz

He bowls, he flaws on these broads, miss, put on yo lip gloss
So much junk in yo trunk, a monster dump, keep breaking my stick on


[Hook: U-God]

Bump-bump, yo body-body, bump yo body-body
Bump yo body-be, bump-bump, yo body-body
Bump yo body-body, bump yo body-body

Bump yo body-be, bump-bump, yo body-body


She's a cold dirty dirty, a cold dirty dirty
She gets right down to it, owww, she's a flirty
She's a fly young lady, down talk to strangers

She lives in Atlanta, rock platinum danglers
She's so outrageous, she's such a freak
She throw that game, better bow to her feet

She shake that $$#, you want that sex
She so independent and she wants her respect



I know what type of girls I like

Big bump on the motor bike
Better tell her, I'm going fast
Better tell her, hold on tight




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