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Tye Tribbett : Yes God Is Real lyrics

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Tye Tribbett lyrics : "Yes God Is Real"

There are some things I may not know,
there are some places that I can't go.

But I am sure of this one thing;
Yes, God is real, for I can feel Him in my soul.

Yes, God is real,
real in my soul.
(Yes, God is) real,

for He has washed and made me whole.
His love for me,
(is like pure gold) just like pure gold,

(Yes, God is) real, for I can feel Him in my soul.
Vamp 1:
Real, real, real,

yes, my God is.
Vamp 2:
He calmed the raging sea,

and made the blind to see.
He made the lame to walk,
and He made the dumb to talk.

Vamp 3:
yes, yes, yes,
yes, my God is.

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