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Tye Tribbett : In Time Hell Bring You Out lyrics

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Tye Tribbett lyrics : "In Time Hell Bring You Out"

When you call Him, He will answer,
have faith and never doubt.

Hold on when your burdens get heavy;
in time He'll bring you out,
in time He'll bring you out.

No need to worry, don't worry,
(He knows your every care).

No need to worry,
(there's no need to worry the Man knows how much you can bear),
He knows just how much you can bear.


Vamp 1:
Hold on.

In time He'll bring you out.
In time He'll bring you out.
Vamp 1

Vamp 2:
Hold on, hold on.
Hold on, hold on.

Vamp 3:
Hold on, don't let go;
keep the faith, He'll make a way.

Vamp 1

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