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Tye Tribbett lyrics : "I Want It All Back"

(Verse 1)

You may have thought, you won that last round

You may have laughed (cuz) I almost fell down
Maybe you think I give up easy
But it's not ovah, I got more in me

You thought I stopped, you thought I sat down
But I am standin', you made me mad now!

You got some things, I think you owe me
I've come to get back everything that you stole


I want it all back

(Verse 2)

You hit me hard, I should be knocked out
Things I've been through, don't even wanna talk about
You crossed the line (this time) you violated me

I want revenge (I want everything back from) A to Z
The battle's not mine, the battle is the Lord's
In the name of JESUS, I'm takin' it by force


I want it all back


If you only knew what I was gonna be
After the storm you wouldn't have even bothered me


(And now I'm) stronger
(And I got more) power
(I'm a little bit) wiser

(And I got more) strength
(I got thee) anointing
(Got God's) favor

(And we're still) standing
I want it all back

Give me my stuff back, give me my stuff, give me my stuff back
I want it all
I want that,

What about your family and all your self-esteem, even your destiny?
What about the joy you tasted and the time you wasted, do you want it back?
What about your place in God and all your faith in God, even the ways of God?

What about your hopes and dreams and your communities, even your kids and teens?
I want that 'want that 'want that 'want that
I want it all back

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