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Tye Tribbett lyrics : "Eulogy"

I'm doing my own eulogy, seems like everyone's sad except me, seems something like a release cause I'm finally free... Gotta let you go now, cause you been hanging on for far to long... You been taking me down... You and me will never get along...


Whooooaaa so, goodbye, so long, goodbye, so long, goodbye, so long, goodbye (gotta die to the flesh, peace)

I'm sorry things have to be this way... Between me and you no one is safe... Don't wanna hear what you gotta say... Cause that's what got me here in the first place... Heeey, Gotta let you go now, someway, somehow... You're just driving me insane... It's wrecking my brain, something's gotta change... Yeeeeeah, Something's gotta change...


Listen to me, nothing good came out of me and you, that's why it's so easy for me to choose. There's only one thing left for me and that's die to you... (Man you were killing me) [2x]

You and me are through... (Gotta die to the flesh) Something's gotta diiiie, something giiiiive... I'm saying my divorce cause I still got a life to live... ooooh... Something's gotta diiiie, something's gotta giiiive... I'm saying my goodbye's cause I still got a life to live... goodbye, you were taking new life right out of me... I'm sorry me and you are through, I gotta die to you...

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