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TY6 : A Song about Nothing lyrics

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TY6 lyrics : "A Song about Nothing"

I'm gonna rap a little, haha, ugh,
spending hours every night,
working on my craft, when I started rapping,

all people did was laugh, now I got a couple fans,
that's all I could ask, people say I can't do it,
I got a couple plans, you saying I can't,

but I can learn to forgive, but not forget,
I just wanna be the very best, and show,
what you can do when put to the test,

if I dreamt it, this life i'm living now is not what I would of guessed,
but I can't complain, cause I got a roof over my head and some food to eat,
and god bless to all the people living on the street,

but don't worry, when I get this money,
i'ma help ya'll get back on your feet,
put my money to where it should be,

but for now i'm working for free,
i'm in it for eternity, cause this music,
I breathe, without it, i'd just live in misery,

being in this industry, can make you very antsy,
cause you want it very badly, then your closest friends,
become enemies, and now all you got is your family,

but that's okay, cause that's all you need in order to succeed,
there's always gonna be, people that bring you down,
but don't worry, cause there the ones that frown,

unhappy with their own lives,
so they bring down others' dreams,
along with their self esteems, I just want people to,

remember my music, when my time is up,
never scared of death, just not ready for that day to come,
I know the feeling when you hit rock bottom,

feeling like you need drugs to escape,
but that's the problem, you need to find your passion,
then find your freedom, then every situation,

would have a different outcome, working a 9 to 5,
to get some income, but don't get me wrong,
this music is where I belong,

That was a little freestlye,
people should listen to the words and realize some things, you know?

haha, I love this beat too, oh yeah,
shoutout Riss, holding it down in Cali for me, I'm out.

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