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Ty Herndon : The Last Dance lyrics

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Ty Herndon lyrics : "The Last Dance"

Nervous and scared I asked you for a dance
all of my buddies said "yeah right, fat chance
she'll never go for a good ol' boy like you"

but somewhere between my stutter and stammer
before I could ask you had already answered
and to to my suprise

you said that you'd love to


and they all laughed when I stepped on your toes
but they coz quiet when you moves in close
they lost their smiles when they knew they'd lost their chance

my two left feet couldnt do a right thing
I looked like a fool but I felt like a king
they got a laugh

but look whose got the last dance

Nervous and scared after saying I do

all of my buddies made fun of the new groom
as they stood in line waiting to kiss the bride
they kept us apart dancing with you all night long

but when the band started into their last song
I was the one standing by your side


well they got a laugh but look who got the last dance

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