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Ty Herndon lyrics : "Heart Half Empty"

Ty Herndon:
There's some left over wine in the cupboard
About a half a glass left for the road

Here's a toast to the time we were lovers-then I'll go
Should I laugh, or should I cry?
Love you, hate you, live or die?

Is my heart half full or half empty?

Is our love like the wine in this glass
You drink like there's no tomorrow
So sure, it would always last

Will the memories taste sweet as they linger
Or the bitterness stay on my tongue
Is my heart half full of the love you gave me

Or my heart half empty cuz your love is gone

Stephanie Bentley:

Your bags are all packed in the hallway
The boxes are stacked on the lawn
You kissed me goodbye just like always

And you're gone
Trembling hands or nerves of steel
Someone tell me what to feel

Repeat Chorus

Stephanie Bentley:
Should I laugh

Ty Herndon:
or should I Cry?

Love you, hate you, live or die?

Repeat Chorus

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