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TY DELPRA : Ex girlfriend lyrics

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TY DELPRA lyrics : "Ex girlfriend"

Verse 1: I got these lines hollow cased, im %#@!ting,
gotta deep mind, shallow taste in women,
I used to be the 1 to pick the girls you'd wife up,

Now i stick to the types, good for 1 nighters
Yeah, i guess im that guy now,
because every girl i loved tore my $#&@in sky down,

Cannot love again, not in my life,
because i just get crusified like im christ,
im in flight for fear of nearing hurt,

high above the sky avoiding veering in the dirt,
Clearly i'm the worste,
a father's worste nightmare,

i turn into an animal as soon as nights here,
got my (*##$es right here,
every different flavor,

i just pick 1 save the rest for later,
Yeah im on my grind stacy,
i don't need ya all ladies,

tell yeah what, lets do it single file 1 at a time baby,


Verse 2:
I used to be the dude that did all the little cute thing,
kissed you, brought ya flowers, $#&@in tied ya shoe strings,

all the days under the sun in the smooth spring,
sittin on the chill hill listenin to u sing,
until 1 day, i opened up my eyes and saw you clearly,

You apoligize i ain't really tryin to hear it,
I don't think you're alive cause you really lack a spirit,
Your soul is cold and wearly,

you are nowhere near me,
cause you don't got the heart to feel the same %#@! that i'm feeling,
You're a heartless harpy harvesting on the organs of the willing,

Damn this girl is really killing me,
Your daggers at my back ya see,
stabbin me so rapidly,

satin's little bashful queen,
if hatin were a job you would be the $#&@in faculty,
in fact you'd be the C.E.O with all the mad attacks at me,

Slappin slashin bashin me,
just for being happy B?
Maybe you should move on, and stop being $#&@ing mad at me

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