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TWO-9 FEAT CURTIS WILLIAMS : Scottie 2 Hottie lyrics

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TWO-9 FEAT CURTIS WILLIAMS lyrics : "Scottie 2 Hottie"

[Verse 1: Key]
N double- A C.P., can't no (*##$ excite me
I need a Rolex, no Breitling, if them people spot me

I call for god for enlightenment, I'm going hard and your pockets hurt
I see why you don't like me, I see why you don't, uh
Clicquot, Enrico, I'm all about them C-notes

Your main ho about C-Toe, Falsetto, Falsetto
All my work correct though, shout out my connect though
I swear I breathe the best smoke, some my tree from the deck though

Can't cop no weed at Texaco, some of these ^!$$%s still stressing though
I'mma teach them my lesson though, I teach them my lesson though
Popped a bean, popped, popped, a bean

Aye, popped a bean, popped, popped, a bean

[Verse 2: Curtis Williams]
I just got a pack, tell my (*##$ roll it
Tryna' stack that paper to the point where it's not folding

Can't no ^!$$% do like me, Vodka straight, no chasing
Only after that paper, but them $#&@ ^!$$%s still hating
Two-9 to that grave dirt, smoked out till my chest hurt

Good weed in my dutch, red box on my t-shirt, uh
^!$$%s pocket watching, too much to count
That checkered flag waving when I come around

Yeah, it's waving when I come around
If your (*##$ ain't at the crib that mean she came around
Yeah, that mean she came around

And that checkered flag waving when I come around

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