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TWIT TWIT lyrics : "GET BIG! COD Rap Song"

First things first, I always go tryhard
Sniper in my makes all you ^!$$%s tryhard

Go and choose your class, Switch it to ya tubes
I'm a One Man Army, You're a last stand noob!
Second thing for you, ima give a little tip,

Saliva on my lips, cause the truth is what i spit
You can check the killfeed, please tell me what it be,
ONLY GT You see is Tee Dub Eye Tee (TWIT)

Don't get mad is it something I said?
Maybe its my scope, aiming shots at your head

Droppin shells to the ground
S&D Clutch the round
Got my Dead silence Pro, I'm a Ninja no sound

Killcam chat, all that needs to be said
The game just started and you're already dead

Got my Quarter back nades, aimed right at ya spawn
I heard you round the corner with my Turtle Beaches on

I'm the best at this game, all you others are lame
I quickscope, no joke, what you know about that Jack

Yeousch Gotcha spawn trapped, every game you play you lose
And then you say i Hack

You can find me with a Gold MSR
People know who i are
Cause I'm shining like a star

I'll be right be cause i'm out gettin haters
Follow me on Twitter, I'll tweet it out later

I hope that's not your lady cause iLikeGirlsDaily
And if we're being honest, the haters are what make me
Do what I Do, Upload to youtube,

And if you haven't yet, then you know what to do

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