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TWIN OBSCENITY lyrics : "In Glorious Strife"

A thousand misty riders came
With swords in hand and mighty steeds.
Brave men did stand their ground

'gainst opponents mightier than gods
The swords did meet in glorious strife
And tears from the heavens fell unto the earth

The ravens came, hungry and greedy
To feast upon the flesh of fallen men
The strivings lasted until twilight

The death of many men and many a noble night
In glorious strife with weapons so bright
But none could withstand their overwhelming might

A thousand misty riders came
With swords in hand, triumphant and brave
Bloodied men collapsed in pain

left to die forsaken by their gods
The swords did cut like a scythe through hay
And blood from the wounds did feed the thirsting soil

The ravens watched, impatient for their hour
Hungry for the flesh of still breathing men

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