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TWELVE2GO : Gotta love the kids or hate Guacamole lyrics

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TWELVE2GO lyrics : "Gotta love the kids or hate Guacamole"

Pack your bags and move forward
Brake these chains of deception
Bring your books and your songs

Your friends and your drugs
No time for exceptions
Just leave behind,

all those doubts and religions
Gonna start up a new world
Without guacamole and fictions

Let us cross to the other side
Were the truth doesn't blend in all the lies

Were right from the start, we stay in command of
Our own lives
Were all natures weight the same

For us to protect and maintain
Break through your doors,
We'll see you on the other side

Now let's pray for salvation
To clear, all our sins

In churches made of pure gold
And dirty secrets evolving kids
How the $#&@ the world got so round

We should not apologize
For a hundred years of fairytales
And human sacrifice

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