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TWELVE2GO : Black rivers lyrics

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TWELVE2GO lyrics : "Black rivers"

(There are no walls here no border lines)
One day we will pay for all our mistakes
As certain as the rising sun,

every single day that's it were done,
As good as dead, please gain more respect.

Welcome to the end of the world
The show were everyone gets the first row

Be aware what's done is done,
There's no turning back from all the harm we did
And all the pain that we will give

If we do it to ourselves might as well take everything else
If we do it to ourselves might as well kill everything else

Isn't that enough
to see the world go down
Still dawn after dawn

They keep on waiting for your senses to come around

(Isn't that enough)

Witness the fall of our world
(Isn't that enough)
Black Rivers, politics

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