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TURN AND RUN : Misled Youth lyrics

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TURN AND RUN lyrics : "Misled Youth"

I am a product of this generation
No love, no hope, no salvation
I am a product of this generation

No job, no home, no salvation

We all have intricacies, we all have fatal flaws

But they'll keep picking and picking until we are no more
We won't just turn away, no we won't run and hide
We'll stand our ground and if we need to, we'll prepare to fight

I won't be washed away like dirt in the gutter
I won't be pushed, I won't be fooled
I won't be told that I'm utterly useless because I can't find my way

Because I don't agree with propaganda that you spray over us like we're your crops.
We're the seeds that you sew, or hope to, you just don't know.

It doesn't seem to be working, there seems to be unrest
The early tremors of an earthquake that will reach plus 10 but on another scale
These words will hit, in the cracks of the hearts of the poor and the weak

The "uneducated" that you failed to rule are rising up in numbers far too great for you to control
What do you have to say? Speak up 'cuz I can't hear
The voice of millions is too strong for your weary ears

You left it too late, now the ball is rolling
Gathering the momentum in places you have no control in

Why don't you give it up?
Employ a new tactic, show the people you rule that your love is emphatic

Show that you really care and you'll look out for their first interest
Build a whole new world, one without constant subtext
Where you say what you mean and what you feel to be right

Where the grass is green no matter what side you fight
Where the grass is green on both sides of the fence
Let's try and stop this war before life as we know it will end

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