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TURN AND RUN : Blossom lyrics

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TURN AND RUN lyrics : "Blossom"

Has our sun set on us? Has our time passed us by?
I fear we've strayed away, we've become reckless
For what we felt so strong, for what we worked so hard for

Won't let these curtains close, not until at least we've let them open

I'm sick of looking into the mirror and only seeing what could have been

I'm sick of looking into the mirror being afraid of what I'll see

I have made mistakes in my life I never thought it'd all go wrong

I never thought I'd be sitting here with my head in my hands thinking Where'd it all go wrong?
There's no resolution, no easy passage out
I can't turn back the hands of time and work this one out

I have to live with my decisions, the consequences are of my own making and I'll live them down

Don't let me walk away, don't let me walk away from this

It's got my heart, got my soul, it's my life, this is all that I live for
Stripped away, you've worn me down to the bone
Took my heart, took my soul, took my life, you were all that I lived for

Our sun's not set on us, our time's not passed us by
Just like the trees shed leaves, we will grow new ones

We'll blossom out of the blue, like buds in spring we'll bloom
Renew the path we chose and wont stray from it

I don't want to be alone where no one knows me, no-one knows where I've come from
I don't want to be alone now I've found that place, a place to call my home

So don't let me walk away, it's got my heart and my soul
This is all that I live for

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