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TURBO T. DOUBLE : Mullingar Double lyrics

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TURBO T. DOUBLE lyrics : "Mullingar Double"

" what's the story? tell me what's the story? what's the brief? what's the craic? what is that? Is it for me!?
I don't really care, I don't wait, I just take it. Let's just get this clear, I don't fake it till I make it...

because I'm already here, dummy
how you think I'm up in Ireland with Elliott and Eddie Beer?
sippin' beer, Bulmer's Cider, some Guiness, and then some whiskey

at a trippy house party getting jiggy I'm with Ziggy and I'm thinking...

I'll never beat the Irish when it comes to drinking..

these were my thoughts as my eyelids started sinking..
shorty was thinking i'm a singer so i'm trickin' off..
but all me gots me middle finger for these chicks and moths...alright?

ya'll play too many games
man there's way too many planes so i'm on another flight - to Paris

where there is less chance they're gonna play
we speak body lanuage I'm like " do you speak english? "
if not then it's ok i'm the one that she fancy, bruh

she sick bruh, she was thicker than Chansey..
walking in the rain like a lame wanker, silly knacker
these are just the things that I can't be...

I'm in a bar up in Mullingar going hard, I don't have no cash charge it to my card..
Oh, I don't have my card, better call the Garda

I gave my money to Mohammed that's my Irish barber..
I stayed with Dave and Andy was the DJ I was on stage with at my 1st European show at the Grand Social
it was very special

i'm forever grateful
If you made it there it's something that we can share.
it's something that we can share.

practically my whole career.
(i'm not a biter i'm a writer)

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