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TUNRIDA : Eternal Twilight lyrics

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TUNRIDA lyrics : "Eternal Twilight"

Deep in the forests of oblivion
I have buried all my feelings
For I have no use for human emotions

On the path that I've chosen
For it's a Path of darkness
Shrouded in everlasting dusk

But still I feel safe
Cause this is where I belong

My dark philosophy I have chosen a long time ago
And I know it was the only one for me to take
Because my soul is contaminated and black

And that's the way I want it to be

Someday the path will come to an end

And then I have come to home
The one will wait me at the gate
And my tormented soul will have its peace

But until that day comes
I must wander the forgotten lands
Still not alone must I roam

For the spirits of darkness company me

As the last sunbeams of my life wither away

I see the curtain of death fall
And I realize
That all hope is lost now and I'm drowning

I am drowning in darkness
But smiling

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