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Tuna Sejdiu : Tickets lyrics

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Tuna Sejdiu lyrics : "Tickets"

I was barefoot neighbors not to arouse,
and a seat n front taxist
escaped with a word a dirty word.

Love has a few months flounder,
taximetri tonight to let ec

none the last time or the first
qe neperkembem sikur lecke.

You are a murderer and I limping,
Lord had just witnessed!

reserves reserves a room in limbo
reserves if it will love our
stamp happy day for the black is.

reserves a room in retaliation,
reserves if it will go through to tkuqe,
happy day for knowledge with no tickets!

is open to any station works 24 hours
window of fate please excuse,

to give a little bit of hope!

no tickets for sinful

no tickets for traitress
tickets ska veq fate of those who take as dashuruan!

Never the life boat, parkon
Cast lucky, you ask how much it costs ..

Reserves reserves a room in limbo
Reserves if it will, that our love
Per day happy, black stamp has

Reserves in the revenge room,
Reserves if it will, you go through tkuqen
For happy day, with tickets indicated ska ....

With no tickets, with no ticket,
Nananaa nananaa nanana oohoho nanana nananaa .....

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