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TUKI CARTER lyrics : "Green Backs"

I keep it player I'm blind till they say
as my rap style as life save us
the swag is all flavors

I back hoes like.. yeah paper of plastic money
I take the pimping serious I'm smiling
but ain't %#@! funny nothing but moves major

..is positive guess me you lose player
that's how I live give a hundred percent
on Monday I make my rent

Tuesday I got f*ck some hoe
rest of the week who know, yes a ^!$$% ball who
I'm cross the..along you sucker ^!$$%s

in case you didn't know, and call me Tuki Carter you sucka ^!$$%
and I got it, hoes I got it
I ain't worried bout it

bout this money cash counting cash
I'm looking the view to mountain add a green back
to talking these stacks ^!$$%

I'm making stacks out of green backs

I wanna know where the weed at
I keep my hustle on top of hustle
one make it money with no muscle, forget it

I'm making stacks out of green backs
I wanna know where the weed at
I'm making money on top of money I'm smiling

but ain't %#@! funny

I'm surprised that all the hatin

that with them ^!$$%s
you don't f*ck with his cars I'm thinking
I'm plastic again but no money

yes you exit and you front in somebody else's satisfaction is not real
and I keep myself in two
I don't knew it before,

I keep my sayings while I'm cross it..
shout out to tune baby, I never a..^!$$%
and guess you ask me something stupid like you a fool ^!$$%

besides that I'm pretty chill
I wake up to getting money till I see dreaming of dollar bills
yea money manage gives me chills

it gives me the will what I want to
say what I'm gonna do
guess I flight to cali man

I swag when I want to, chillin with tailors ^!$$%
you was a hater ^!$$%
and that is no flavor ^!$$%

I keep it real son


I wanna know where the weed at

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