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TSU SURF FT. TREV RICH : No Regrets lyrics

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TSU SURF FT. TREV RICH lyrics : "No Regrets"

Trev back, tell me you know the way back,
I mean straight facts and I find my lay

You stay on your side of the road or I can make it Rocky ASAP
Money upfront, we just got our payback
A little too much to pay back,

I'm trying to see my old hood through a Maybach
I'm about to leave a fortune in my will like Sajak.
$#&@ y'all mad at me for? cause all your drive got repowned

Cause I'm a inner lord, I'm getting these interviews
And my career looking like see for.
This me like rocking a little pea ride, graduated from a G shot

They say hip hop dead, now these hip hop heads
Waiting for me to drop like G trots.
Put the beats on, hit the pre way, put a beat on

I'm about to enter another E on
And I don't care what you be or say
Are we married to the money if we're fiancés

Nobody ever knew it, that we had a son
They was all too busy watching Beyonce.
I was trying to get chips so I hit the block in the six

With the clips like DeAndre.
If you applaud, I'm chris, consider this my sis
Well, I'm $$#isting your (*##$, she tired of your %#@!,

You on mission to hit.
You got my mind full of funny, look at $$#es bottom lines
And you would think my brain had a lisp

That's not one, see, I found a new life,
You won't think I came in a (*##$, [email protected][email protected]
No regrets, real high,

So you really shouldn't blame the man but code
Keep a time you wouldn't aim the blame, got game agenda
This probably shouldn't came with pen.

She ain't even see the marvin yet, bar, should I even get a starter check
Would that be cool, ride goes on deck,
You don't really want part of that

That be noble came is fine,
I really disapprove with pain
And play Griffin on the block, you know what that means?

Stack her on the bend like I'm supposed to bang
But the good die young, but some die good
They say you couldn't make it out from my hood

And I swear anything I shoot when one got good
Ain't gotta be big, one guy good, if I don't shoot then one got would
Guess that be rolling, cause the (*##$es like Moulin Rouge

We got fu-tattoos, I mean it's just fold up
So I don't wanna have to fall down,
Drive by, and then go around.

Hit the block, I'm with somebody, you clip the time, wait
Should they know that it comes around
course scalls gold diggers they all know the game

If she ain't scolar dig it I don't know the thing
And that's nice, waiting on a noble thing,
Take over, giving me turn, they know the name.

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