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TSOL : Red Shadows lyrics

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TSOL lyrics : "Red Shadows"

Something changed today
Everything is out of place
You said we had to go

Because you saw the red shadows

Close your eyes and it wont go away

You know the end is here today
Say goodbye turn your head
The time has come just like you said

(Red Shadows) I can feel the electric rain
The night won't come again
And your face, it has turned so gray

You wish it was yesterday, yesterday

Goodbye my love I'll see you soon

I don't know where I don't have a clue
Don't look back, don't make the turn
They told me that these red shadows burn

Red shadows, red shadows
Tell me now it's true
Are these red skys really blue

Tell me is it a lie
Because I don't see any sky at all

I can feel the electric rain
The night wont come again
Your face has turned so gray

We all wish it was yesterday!

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