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TSOL : Nothin' For You lyrics

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TSOL lyrics : "Nothin' For You"

I got nothin' for you
You can look under my rug
I got no smack for you

You're entranced from that drug

I got no tears for you

I got nothin' to worry about
I got no fear for you no-no-no
My guns I just lay around

My body is achin' inside out
And my nose is always cold

Am I still twenty-four
Or am I starting to grow old?
Am I growin' old?

Suicide is just a state of mind
Not for me, I've got places to hide

Day to day, nights are wicked
Stealin' is my way of life
I got to pay my bills today,

Where'd I leave my knife?


I've got nothin' for you
Nothin' for y

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