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TSOL : Love Story lyrics

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TSOL lyrics : "Love Story"

Last night I lay awake
My eyes were dry with the pain
Sometimes I wish that I would just die

To save me from seeing you again
I knew you used me but I didn't care
I was happy just being together

Well sometimes I wonder if I should be with you
All you ever do is ignore me
You never talk when your friends are around

Too (*##$en to see you with me
Won't call won't waste your time
Too busy to send your love to me

That time I held you so tight in my arms
Just wishing the night wasn't ending
That's when you said you couldn't see me

I thought our love was just beginning
Forever is just that but with you it ends
Though you're in mind as I lay here

Can't stand it no longer I've gotta give in
I call you again and again and aga

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