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TSATTHOGGUA : Worm Of Sin lyrics

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TSATTHOGGUA lyrics : "Worm Of Sin"

The sentence at the end
Condemnation of Christ's church
Spoken by the court of winds

I accuse this church for slander
Highest symbol of corruption
Which nothing let untouched

Every value is unvalue
Honesty is baseness
Every truth became lie

Do not dare to speak of
human blessings
They create necessity

To live on in eternity
The worm of sin enriched
The christian church

I spit on you, the sin will never die
"Equality of souls facing god"
On the plea of fools

Blast of words made
The principle of revolution
Christian dynamite

Art of [email protected]&(t
The will to lie as want to deny
Underground conspiracy

Anti sanity, benefit, life
or mind of beauty
I name "Christianity"

the one and only curse
The one and only instinct of revange
Time of dies nefastus

Doom began first day
Why not on the last
Revalue all rights

Philosophy of Anti-Christ
The way I live, the way we fight
Worm of sin feel embraced

Without you they would win
Let's return
to the times of ungodliness

Northwind blowed for us
Born of Satan's decadence
Dissoluting times of sin

Orgies of dying and living
Sacrifice for our king
King of body, king of mind

King of soul and king of mine
Bring forth archaic power
Feed us might and will

Destroy the reigning race
For the worm of sin will reign

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