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TSATTHOGGUA : Ia O Tsatthoggua (Older Than Time Itself) lyrics

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TSATTHOGGUA lyrics : "Ia O Tsatthoggua (Older Than Time Itself)"

The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are
And the Old Ones shall be
From the dark stars they came ere man was born

Unseen and loathsome they descended to primal earth

Beneath the oceans they brooded while ages past

Till seas gave up the land, whereupon they swarmed forth in
Their multitudes and darkness ruled the earth
What man knoweth Kadath? Path of Alpha gleams at us

Dho-hna delivered the formula
Zazas zazas Nasatanada

Ohodos scies Ia Fyaan. Ia o Tsatthoggua!

Their praises beneath the peaks of ancient Throk

They have walked the Earth
And they have walked admidst the stars
Ever awaite the time of their return; for the Earth has known

Them and shall know them in time yet to come..

When the stars will bear their row and the time will be thou old

Black Tsatthoggua, toad and terror from the dark
Return from R?lyeh with your sons
Bokrug, Rhan-Tegoth and Ia Fyaan

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada! Ia o Tsatthoggua!
Your step wilst quake this earth o bleed

Father of Nyar-Lathotep come forth to feel and free

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