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Psycho life no (*##$ $$# ^!$$%s
pimp my lamb my sea 4 ^!$$%s,
ride got em line, like I've seen 4 ^!$$%s

^!$$%s 4-4 till your dough, no more ^!$$%s
war force moving you there, walk with us,
jam boys over the edge, we known killers,

six hots straight to the head with no giller,
all stage tossing my bread the glass flippers,
attached to a parallel, it's longer than a muff

that's attached to a girl, that I believe one $#&@
she attached to a ^!$$% who might independent..
far God show a ^!$$% how it's done,

for the G's I notoriously end up a..
I might G ride more dirty than T I
ex pills, pistile, magnum no PI,

north side send your own school squad to the..
the rip change long enough,
tryin to box with the God you ain't strong enough

$#&@ her, it's fool for thought walk em to the last supper,
and after that to the right of the upper room suckers,
close casket the author that the closure chapter,

automatic, the flow's faster, $#&@ rappers,
call me Jack the ripper, I'm from this thriller,
and the navy call a Cadillac, head it to the fill up,

about time to kiss the rank, mail to the gang
from beyond the wall, the one you call when you the one I'm gone,
call name mister wolf, put the 4 time work on this half way brooks got em shook,

got em drop on ^!$$%s like I'm hit em in the brook,
you know that's a place where ^!$$%s won't look
that's a prize I come back for everything you gonna took,

to hide up in the kitchen but you can't blame the cook, no.

The boy..travel with no weapon, no slapping and no disrespective

and knowing me, there ain't no one that only know and agreeable
propose to this..what I know to be,
the boy say got infinit beef for real enemies

not the cast the..street, damn the cast I try to bring up the speed,
high like it's the front to take this..in the living of..
this is what I live and I breathe,

universal Lord this is long as I live the..
I lean on them thinkers..they don't try to eat in my..
I'm keen on em like I'm holy don't email when I lean

I lean when I make to lake
early on I hit the same the sinker what's a sea to believe
casket..even read the relief

think it's holla point lead
mister Sammy come to bring you a drink,
I'm drink a mosquito whenever come to..

some ancient ..the truth, with the possible go on
go on, hold on in your true sense,
keep movements, not hit em amu!@&(t and find out what the movement

then warm with the wolf where wear..

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