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TROY NOKA lyrics : "Let It All Work Out"

Let it all work out!
Let it all work out!
Let it all work out!


Ah flow hot like the summer
I shine.
Cash is fable what?

Jesus turn water to wine
Watch me turn hustling to cash!
On my way to (???)

Tryna get to some millions
Buy a couple of houses
Put chandeliers in my ceilings

Do this for my future children
For all my ^!$$%s that hustlin'
You can't knock a ^!$$% for dealin'

Tryna make smth from nothin'


Mamma look how your baby boy turned out!
I see people move to L.A.
Get lost and then turned out

I hear you saying stay partner
Go hard no handouts
Don't worry I got this I know you praying

Let it all work out


It's ok it's alright it's ok
I ain't worried bout nothin'
I ain't worried bout nothin' at all

(Let it all work out)


I'm willing to give it all
The only way you gon' get it
You can keep talkin you livin'

Most ^!$$%s talk but ain't living
While they party I'm missing
I'm on a mission for preaching

Cause you gotta take what's yours in life
You're never given
Now my album happen like active o made it happen

My ^!$$% are flying fashion they still classy



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