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Troy Johnson : Still Up All Night lyrics

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Troy Johnson lyrics : "Still Up All Night"

They call me gladiator, daddy made a hard hitter
Walk with a limb like a pimp do
A skitzo and a mental

When I'm hitting on that indo
They say I'm too complex
I gotsta simplify the info for the dummies and the bimbo's

I be running laps, running, burning wax with my murder raps
Any beat you put me on is homicide, I murder tracks
Feel the heat, still the illest villain on a killing spree

That steal a female from a ^!$$%, if she feeling me
Who the %#@!, who the $#&@ you think Co$$ you the %#@!
The coolest kid, the ruler is back, bout to do it big

Daddy's back, sitting on chrome in my Cadillac
She don't call me Co$$, she calls me Daddy Mack, I likes that
Live and fo' to five

Flow and rise and take the knife back
My super duper lines scalt your eyes and leave your sight black
I got the coldest sound, speed it up and slow it down

It really don't matter, either way it's going down

Yeah, ^!$$%, we still out smoking that weed

Dranking that drank
Been up and stay up working hard motha$#&@a
That's right, %#@!

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