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TROTTA X MATISYAHU : Sunshine (Cover/Remix) lyrics

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TROTTA X MATISYAHU lyrics : "Sunshine (Cover/Remix)"

The 1st verse is complete freestyle.
2nd verse:
u cud be my sunshine yeah my sunshine.

u can be me all da time have a fun time
cuz overtime i look at u baby my eyes bright up,
cuz me and u the torch and together we will light up

killin it killin it,
killin the beat, 2 edeem,
so obi im killing the witnesses

and Facebook wrekin bbg u kno we made it,
jamaica spittoon get ur hair braided,
girl u were my light,

brightened my nights,
neva saw someone that pretty in my life
girl we can have some fun, on the ocean we can run

cuz baby u just shine like the sun
so Reach for the sky and if u fall down. get up,
loyal my girl to till the end don't let up

but i dint see her in a while im fed up,
and ever since we met up,
we were the best dnt forget us

3rd verse:
dedicated to game spittoon wit a stomach virus

soon shell find out , she shuda tried harda then i did
to be tgetha in the light and just ignite it

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