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TRIZZ & CHUUWEE lyrics : "SPC"


Aye. Great

How many days did it take the snake to rear her sexy $$# face in the place
It's been a long while, I've been MTV Made, I stay in a new city and I stayed the same

Hustle for a check, EL Ch3z stay payed. I'm looking for these (*##$es that I knew
In 10th grade. I'm looking for the tweed no sticks, no seeds. Third degree burn
Got my mind on ease. So what's up with the tweed? I need an OZ no sticks no seeds

Stay P.I handle my B.I since I was knee-high, I keep it double 0G
Excuse me, you don't want no beef. Got gas but he #[email protected] so I call his $$# queef
Chief kief smoke loud $$# trees, R.I.P to my ^!$$% Ashley


Money always on my mind, I don't know about yours
If there's paper to be made, you can bet that I'm gone earn
I got smoke inside my face, girl you know I like to burn

I ain't got nothin' on the trees right now
If you tryna' blow it down, then we finna smoke yours

Puff, Puff, Pass... I'm high
Puff, Puff, Pass... I'm high
Bong rips to the face, I may have just died

Smokin' dabs from the vape, I think I'm finna fly


Get down cuz I said so, stick ups if my bread low, I get high and I get low, I get drunk I get slow. Motivated, medicated, elevated, I stay faded. Shame ain't it? always wasted, all this $#&@in time wasted. Still famous, still made it. Ho $$# ^!$$%s, they still hatin'. Written in Smoke, she still play it. Her ^!$$% mad, he $#&@in hate it. Eat a dick you $#&@in hater. Pimp ^!$$%, I'm $#&@in player. Use a (*##$ then $#&@in' play her. Open legs I $#&@ and ate her. Dumb it down for you slow ^!$$%s. Talk %#@! to you ho ^!$$%s. Rap with only these dope ^!$$%s. We kick back and we smoke ^!$$%. Co-llab we won't ^!$$%, unless you got that doe ^!$$%. Chances are, you don't ^!$$%. I tell you about these broke ^!$$%s


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