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Trivium lyrics : "To Burn The Eye"

A mind lost within it's own self
Existing to feed it's hunger
Your body hollowed empty shell

Awaiting feed of the ages

Darkness will cover the mind

Casting a shade on reasoning
Immolation of the human self
Conflagration of the ego

Burn in your own hell
Life grand holding cell

Two become as one
One become a slave

Burn the eye to blind
Keeping truth from mind

Breathe in the life
Breathe in the lie

No longer are you human
Just a leech of the addiction
Loathing 'till insanity

Mental deterioration

To destroy the faith

In humanity

Life shell - shocks your empty shell

Hatred for those privileged unlike you

You think you will win

But you can't face the
System of self destruction

Life skins mind bleeding dry
Hatred for the self and the life

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