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Trivium lyrics : "kirisute gomen"

He who walks the fire breathes

Unlike the rest

Living by the bloody creed

Kirisute gomen

Air of battle tasting stale

Reeks of deceit

Send the bitter straight to hell

Kirisute gomen

In their wretched guts all they want is to feed

Unending, covetous hunger known as greed

As the last legion makes it's way to the skies

I can see in their eyes

They've already died

Inside, but as for the outside

I'll take their f**king heads

Quake has bred with the storm

Conceiving war

Wicked stampeding hordes

Kirisute gomen

I will never be what they

Want me to

I live by my own path in life

No turning

Back now, I won't be held down

Forced into a shallow grave built upon their empty ways

There's no turning back

There's hell to pay, such disarray

A bloodied mess, flesh masquerade

With all the blood making a flood

You made your path by crossing us

He who spits the fire seethes

All he detests

Decapitating, bloody creed

Kirisute gomen

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