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Trivium lyrics : "Brave This Storm"

Have you beheld how our ending befell?
We are the catalyst; engineered hell
The depths we've sunken to the violent things we do

A cleansing tide would eradicate all of you
How did you think when in apathy's drink
That doing nothing would spare you from the brink

You're equally at fault; now broken by the $$#ault
The righteous, the victims, the villainous ones and all

I know what you're hiding from I know what you're hiding from
The waves keep crashing over they pummel me, over and over
I don't think I can ever brave this storm

Should we go quietly? Accept that all is lost
I don't think I can ever brave this storm

Wash us away in the tides of decay
Extinction soon will claim us all as his prey
We're pulled in to the sea; the tempest has been set free

I'm wide awake when the lightning comes beckoning
Burn us alive for our sins and our crimes
We are the wretched ones: malevolent slime

Existing to consume; everything we once knew
Take us, break us, submerge us inside our tomb

This quest is impossible brave this storm
I'm feeling my insides pull brave this storm
I'm being devoured whole brave this storm

My soul is poured in the world Brave this storm

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