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TRISTAN TYRCHA : The Moment lyrics

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TRISTAN TYRCHA lyrics : "The Moment"

There will be a night with a moment of wonder
When everything will go silent and still
I will hear only our heartbeats like thunder

A night born in a dream love will fulfill

In this moment things undefined will occur

Passions that will certainly repeat often
What happens beyond it will become a blur
As filled desires and hard passions soften

It will come but once but return countless times
But this night my eyes will not miss the vision

Of muscles tensed and bodies in rhyme
Moving together with a dancer's precision

This place in time is set by a sensual trance
Words sing out from me of how it feels inside
I promise you an uncontrollable sea of romance

While between us long sought flames collide

The moment is coming I know of its fire

I long for it, want for it, I'd love you to
Reach out and taste with heated desire
That moment I first lie down next to you

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