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TRIPHON : Your Poison lyrics

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TRIPHON lyrics : "Your Poison"

I'm not denying and I swear it's all right
Just trust me, everything's fine
I don't need your sympathy

I'd rather be the one who suffers so that you'll never know
But you don't know the pain you've caused me

Intensifying because you know that I'm lying
I don't know what to do

I've let this rage build up inside me

The differences between us could divide the world

You know I never liked you anyways

We become what we despise

With all the anguish
With all the suffering

In sorrow we will thrive
Let it end

I'd rather we both die than let my enemy live
No harm to me as you pump the poison in my veins

This world is full of those like me
Innocent and waiting for a break
Have I told you all of my dreams?

I bet we could make it as a pair
Tonight, this suicide I've planned will kill us all

What will it take to buy a few more days?
I can't just throw this away
I don't care if I'm selfish

I'm buying time at the expense of my ever fading life
So don't pretend to love me

Depression creeping always waiting for me
Because it has what I need

I'm like an addict in withdrawal

There is no reason in looking ahead when all you see is death

So don't you try to justify my life

Accept your humble fate

With all the anguish
With all the suffering

Let the scars remind you why it's not too late
Let it end

I swear this plague will be
The end of me
Letting go of all I know

Let's fake this while we can

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