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TRILL FAM : Wipe Me Down lyrics

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TRILL FAM lyrics : "Wipe Me Down"

Hey You Know I Walk In The $#&@in Club Like Im So Mutha $#&@in Hung But Thats How I Feel Kna Ya Heard Me Im Clean Im Fresh Im Feelin Refreshed Im Feelin Good Good ^!$$% Cause Im In Baton Rouge Doin Ma $#&@in Thing ^!$$% Im Out Here Makin Fatties ^!$$% Nah Go On Brush Ma $#&@in Shoulders Off

Cause Im poe Cause Im On Casue Im on Wipe Me Down Cause Im On

Shouldas Chest Pants Shoes [x4]

I Pull Up At The Club Vip Gas Tank On E But All Dranks On Me

Fresh Kicks Fresh White Tall Tee
Fresh Nfl Hat Fresh Foes With The Keyes
#[email protected] ^!$$% Wanna Hit Me With The Heat

Real Reconize Real Real ^!$$%s Gone Speak
Jiggalatin I Been Rollin Bout A Week
You Can Tell I Got Cake By The Diamonds In Ma Teeth

Black Shades So You Know A ^!$$% Rollin
They Aint Checked Me At The Door So Aint No Tellin What Im Holdin
Bad (*##$es They Gone Bust It Wide Open

^!$$% Flashin In The Benz But Im The ^!$$% They Approachin
Small ^!$$% Tall Figures Yall ^!$$%s Crawl ^!$$%s You Gone Get Mac Elevned And Fall ^!$$%s
Yall ^!$$%s Call ^!$$%s But Ma ^!$$% All Killas Get Ya Issa And Whoever Fall ^!$$%s

(Wipe Me Down) (Cause Im on Cause Im on )
Shouldas Chest Pants Shoes [x4]

Im On The Dance Floor Showin My $$# I Done Bought The Damn Bar So Put Some More In My Glass
Say Lil Mamma Dont You Go In My Pants Till We Hit The Days Inn Then Let A ^!$$% Smash

^!$$%s Beefin Tryin Ta Figure Who I Am Hoes Lookin All Up In A ^!$$% Face Like Daamn
Hoes Carry Cause Ma Fit Cost Fifty Fifties And Ma Tags Is Ma Witness And Im Ridin On Kittens
And Im Out Here Fifty One Fifty I Got Somethin Holds Fifty Thatll Hit You From A Distance

I See A Bad (*##$ Walkin All Prissy So I Asked Her What She Had And She Replied To Me Pixie
Say Lil Momma Where You Goin Is You Hoein Cause Im Knowin You Was Born To Do [email protected]^* With A Savage
I Aint Tryin Chat Witcha Tryin Ta Get That Cat Witcha Girl Gimma That #[email protected] Lemme Have It

(Wipe Me Down) (Cause Im on Cause Im on)
Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x4]

Im Pullin Out Everybody All Eyes Cause Ma 12's Finna Bust And Ma Rims On Shine
Ask Tyson If You Think A ^!$$% Lyin I Done Bought A Whole Lotta %#@! Since I Got Signed

Big Money Big Car Big Tiyas With The Window Rolled Down Gold Grill Big Smile
^!$$%s Hangin Out The Window Like A Child You'll be out yo %#@! to If You Label Was On Fiya
Anything Below A Dime You Can Have It Ima A Major $$# ^!$$% Gotta Be Above Standards

Go On Wipe A ^!$$% Down Watch How Many Hatas Frown But I Love It When They Hate Me Holla At Me
Skinny ^!$$% Plenty Figures I Dont $#&@ With Many ^!$$%s But The ^!$$%s I $#&@ Wit Beastes
Now You Could Try Me Cause Im Clean Thinkin I Wont Throw Them Things But Lil Daddy You Will Get Beat To Peices

Shoulda Chest Pants Shoes [x8]
Im On (Wipe Me Down) (Cause Im on Cause Im on )

Shouldas Chest Pants Shoes [x4]

Yeh Lil Foxx ^!$$% Trill Entertainment ^!$$% The Last To Sign But The First Of My Kind ^!$$% Belive That

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